Monday, December 15, 2008

Taiwanese Food in Penang, Malaysia

Wanna introduce a local Taiwanese food chain in Northen Malaysia, especially Penang Island and Prai mainland--> 600cc Taiwanese Food.

The shop is own by a Taiwanese lady who has been residing in Malaysiafor more than 10 years. She is currently having about 6 chains around Penang island and Prai area, serving authentic Taiwanese recipe food and drinks.

menu including: 雪花,甜不辣

Does it looks tempting?

we ordered: 炸酱面,卤肉饭


Traditional Taiwan Style Beef stew

i hv one quite good recipe to share here.


William's favorite, especially the 卤蛋

Taiwanese good friend Shu Chun淑君's husband has a good hand in prepare this authentic taiwanese dish..He used to cook several times and i had the chance to taste it. By far, he cooks among the best mince meat rice (卤肉饭)i ever tasted b4. 5 STAR granted to you, Brian:)

Taiwanese style bubble Milk tea with pearl


This is my favorite! i remember i bought this milk tea @ GreatMall, San Jose, at USD3. Ironically, i like the milk tea only and not the black pearl in it!


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Ohh..I just love the taiwanese minced meat with rice. If you happen to master the recipe, do share with us .... I do not read chinese chars, but the website given by you has beautiful foods displayed :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Interesting chain! The beef noodle looks good!