Sunday, December 7, 2008

New bicycle from USA

Has been back to Penang for 2 weeks. Looks like life has almost settled down now and we shall resume our daily life in such a tropical climate country again after away for some time. Today i decided to bring the boys for a ride on the bicycle track on roof top of Multi-Level Car park in our condominium area.

Daddy has fixed the 2 bicycle brought back from the US, kids are so excited about the 1st time riding on the roof top today! Check it out the photos, follow by some snapshot of our condominium from roof top view.

This is called Big Wheel Bike, bought from Target with a good deal price.

This is the bike track. The 2 boys are racing now!

William is racing with his brand new Mc Queen bike, got it from Toy R Us.

As usual, Benjamin always like to do posting in front the camera

BaysWater Condominium from Roof Top View. The greenery trees are the main attractiveness.

Penang Assam Laksa, a typical Malaysian Malay anad Chinese race street food that u should not missed. The stock/broth is cooked with fresh fish, with a mixture of welly blend chili paste, tamarind juice, lemon grass and shrimp paste. Garnished with fresh mints, cucumber, onion and pineapple. The stock is sweet and sour in nature, stimulating your tastebud with every scoop of the stock. I cook these dish many times before in the US, although the result is not 100% good, but i m more than happy enough to solve and cure my Assam Laksa sickness.

A Typical Hawker food stall in a hawker food centre in Penang. People hunting for food as breakfast to start up their busy life everyday here.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, the bike track so nice. And assam laksa!!! You know how I love assam laksa right? Salivating liao!

sock peng said...

ur Condominium have so good facilities
Benjamin's post is cute....

aiyo,laksa again , u really made us home sick

anyway, i like ur posting, at least we know more about Penang life. cheers

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