Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lake side Park in Penang Island, Malaysia

Benjamin enjoyed feeding the duck with bread cumbs.

This is a man-made lake in Penang Island.

The scenery. Harmony and lovely blue-sky all year lovely country
Hello everyone! this is my latest posting taken today afternoon! Pls comment:)

Benjamin was so fascinated by the colourful playground!

Malaysian Street Food Introduction: Grilled/BBQ Chicken Wing (With charcoal) 碳烧鸡翼
this is a typical BBQ chicken wing stall u may found in most of the hawker foodcourt in Malaysia. The chicken wing (they do sell drumstick as well) will be marinated in their secret sauce 24 hours prior to BBQ with charcoal. Chicken wing is selling at RM1.80 (approx 50 cent USD)per piece, serve with hot and sweet dipping sauce.

Do u find this BBQ chicken skewer familiar?
it is called SATAY in Malay language (Malaysian National Language). It is the most famous local food in Malaysia and South East Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia particularly. BBQ chicken skewer dip with sweet and hot peanut sauce!! oh my God! it is gonna kill you...To learn more about Satay, here u go!

Cuttle Fish with kangkong leaf (空心菜), spread with hoisin sauce and ground peanut. The combination of sweet hoisin sauce and crispy cuttle fish is such a perfect match and serve as one of the most delightful supper choice for Malaysian.
Stay tune for more Malaysian local food in my next post! See u!


sock peng said...

where is lake side Park ??
尤鱼空心菜 is one of my favor meal

GiGi said...

Lake Side Park is near to Bkt Jambul Inti College, it is surrounding by all IJM Project apartments.But the lake side park is developed by State Government.