Monday, December 15, 2008

From Iron Point to BaysWater

Today, Dec 15th 2008,
my blog has officialy change its title from Iron Point Snapshot to BaysWater Snapshot.
No doubts i hv mix feeling to leave behind Iron Point, However i somehow has no choice! BaysWater (My real home in Malaysia) featuring and reflecting the real life of mine in my home country located in Penang Island, Malaysia.
The return visit to Iron Point, Folsom is unknown as of now. I hv no feasibility when i could cuddle every panoramic and nolstagic memory, so does the attached feeling on Iron Point again.

This is the sweet moment in my life, i shall never forget it and keep the sweet feeling lasting. The kids look forward to go back again some how. Iron Point, has always become their "word of Mouth" whenever they make comparison against Malaysia and USA. Funny rite!


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Got used to the hot weather yet? Right now here is freezing cold, too lazy to dress up in layers to go out.