Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taiwanese Style Crispy-Salty Fried Chicken (台式咸酥鸡)

A Blogger friend requesting for the above recipe, but honestly, this recipe was taught by my good Taiwanese friend, so i m not sure how authentic it is compare to those u search from website one. Anyway, here u go...u basically needed what as shown in the pic:

1) Basil Leaves for few stalks (only need the leaves, discard the rest)

2) Chicken tigh/chicken breast/chicken drumstick (cut into cubes, need not to de-bone)

3) Soy sauce, fish sauce, pepper powder (black/white), chinese five spice powder, chinese shao-xing wine (绍兴料酒), salt and sugar to taste. wet liquid qty: 1 tbsp, dry spice: in a pinch.

4) cornstarch powder, baking powder, sesame seeds (optional)

5) frying oil


1) marinate your favorite chicken meat with the ingredient no.3 above and keep in fridge for 1 hour.

2) Take out from fridge, pour in 1-2 tbsp of corn starch and 1 tsp of baking powder into the marinated meat. incorporate well.

3) Heat oil, deep fry the chicken until golden brown, dish out. pet dry in kitchen towel.

4) pour in the basil leaves into the hot oil, fry for 3 minutes, dish out.

5) In a big baking tray, mix all the fried chicken and frid basil well, topped with some roasted sesame will be the best! Serve while hot!

Here shd be how it looks,

The fried basil chicken is aromatic and tasty by itself, u dun required any dipping sauce at all.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for this recipe. I have all the ingredients except fresh basil but this can be omitted. Let me buy some drumsticks first then I will give this a try. :)

GiGi said...

但如果你不用basil, 那倒不是咸酥鸡了。。只是一般的炸鸡柳。basil买不到吗?要去华人超市才有得买。Basil你还可以煮台式三杯鸡,也是超好吃的一道菜。Never try, never know:)

Ladies Corner said...

Ohh..I have been looking for this recipe for a while. There's one Taiwanese restaurant at Midlands in Penang that serves one of the most delicious crispy chicken. Your recipe is definitely worth exploring.

GiGi said...

hi Ying, yeah, worth to try, it is easy to make. BTW, where can we get Basil leaves in Penang? Wet Market? or is Tesco selling?

Anonymous said...

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