Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Made Wontan and Dumplings 自制云吞和水饺


I think i gotta post my blog in English...the better, some of my friends dont read and write Chinese language. I was telling, me and my Taiwanese good friend, Shu Jun went to a China Mainland friend house today to learn to make Wantan/dumpling. She and her hubby make good home made dumplings, inclusive the filling and the dumpling skin.The above pic shown is how the filling looks like. It is consist of mince pork meat and fine chopped chinese spinach. The seasoning of the filling are garlic powder, sesame oil and light soy sauce.

I was asking her what is the distinctive difference between Wontan and Dumpling? According to Mainland China people defination, Wontan is something smaller and bite size, while Dumpling is bigger in size and almost double the volume of the filling. In terms of filling, it is not much difference...However, i notice we Malaysian are so used to dumpling which has prawn inside the filling, and Malaysian like to pan fry it till crispy, or we called it 锅贴,or deep fry it until golden brown and dip with sweet chili sauce, which we called it 炸云吞. Malaysian oso favor of eatting noodle with wontan, would it be fried wontan or boiled wontan. I would say, Malaysian chinese food is much influence by Hong Kong cuisine. Wontan noodle, BBQ pork (叉烧), Dim sum, chee cheong fun (猪肠粉) and many many more.

Bck to the topic above, my China Friend, Flora, prepare the wontan skin by putting 3 cups of all purpose flour and 1.5 cups of water inside the bread maker, while let the bread maker knead the dough for 20 minutes.

Flora is busy using a roller pin to flatten the dough and cut it into thin square shape to make the wontan skin.
Flora husband, Alex oso lending a hand in kneading and flattening the dough, he is more expert in making dumpling skin accorindg to Flora. Wonder why Alex is at home during working day!? He is taking leave loh:) to run some errand lah...ha.ha.

This is how the dumpling skin looks like. Round thin and flat shape, about 8cm diameter.

We were helping flora to wrap the wontan and dumpling in 2 different shape. I guess i m the poorest student among them! my wontan and dumplings looks so awful....the shape are all out...too bad. Flora continue to bz in the kicthen, boiling a very hot water in a big pot, when the water is quicking boiling, throw all the wontan and dumpling inside and boil for 5 minutes.Meanwhile, add in some seaweed or napa cabbage to add to taste. The red chili oil is prepared by Flora...lots of tedious steps to prepare this..

I personaly like to dip the wontan and dumpling with some dark vinegar, while add some chili oil inside the broth...The dumpling and wontan taste so nice and sweet when it is served hot!

Learn to know that China Mainland poeple do substitute rice with dumpling once a while. They can finished up 15-20 dumplings at one time as a replacing meal for lunch or dinner!! It is really amazing to us Malaysian..Whereas we only eat dumplings in a small volume at a time, normaly it was served as side dishes when we order Wontan Noodles or Young Tou fu.

All the mama and the little one say "Cheese" and snap a memorable pic!



Little Corner of Mine said...

So now you know how to shape and make the wontan skin from scratch ya? Heard that it's just flour and water, betul tak?

GiGi said...

ya that's rite! only flour (all purpose flour will do) and water. 3 cups flour and 1.5 cups water, knead inside bread maker for 20 minutes. This is wat my fren told me. Self made wontan skin has 好嚼劲,不会粘粘稠稠或稀烂, 口感极佳。肉馅你可修改一下,加虾仁,我觉得更适合大马人口味。今晚我会将中午吃剩的水饺煎了当锅贴,沾泰国甜辣椒酱。。。Ho Jiak!!