Monday, October 13, 2008

Easy Tiramisu Cheese Pie

I was trying to bake a easy step Tiramisu Cheese Pie on Sunday morning. Resut is not bad, this is the very 1st cheese cake in my life (i mean home-made). Personally i dun favor cheese cake so much, it is a bit too creamy and rich for me. The recipe was adapted from If u are a preliminary cheese cake baker like me, u can check it out this site, follow the step by step method.
Here also attached the cheese cake baking tips, it is so important to ensure your cake is not crack!


Little Corner of Mine said...

Once in a while, cheese cake is a good indulgence. I have a soft spot for cheese cake. :)

I still don't really understand the RSS feed thingy, I followed your advice and added your blog to the Google feed but it brought me to a page that I don't visit though. :(

Anonymous said...

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