Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nasi Ulam

I got the reicpe from my Recipe Book

The ingredients, the ulam-ulam i prepared includes Basil leave, Coriander leaves, Lemon grass, shallot, fried dry prawn, fried and grated anchovy fish, toss grated coconut, fried shallot, toasted belacan, red chili/cabai burung and fish sauce.
Cook rice as usual and add in some fresh tumeric root to enhance the yellow color in the rice

Blend/mix all the ingredients together and serve hot or room temperature. The garnishing is optional. U may oso squeese in some lime/lemon juice if u want to hv more sour taste to stimulate your taste bud.
The original recipe of Nasi Ulam called for more ulam (raw herbs/leaf) which may includes duan kesom, ginger flower, kaffir lime leave, and many many more. However, there is no right or wrong in create your personalised recipe as long as the flavour is there.

If u r interested to try out, pls get the comprehensive recipe from here:

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