Friday, October 10, 2008

Beef Rendang

i opened up my fridge as usual when close to dinner preparation time, and again, always wonder wat to cook for the next meal...being a house wife, we always has similar anxiety! which is, running out of idea wat to cook, rite?

I found there is still half pound of beef cube left in my fridge...suddenly think of to cook Beef Rendang, why not give it a try? i quickly click on my favorite blogger, to check out her Beef rendang recipe..OK! although i dun hv the whole list of ground ingredient ready in my pantry, but i decided to cook it to clear my beef and spice stock.

So, here u come my Beef Rendang...still look OK lah hoh? the only ingredient i lack of in my rendang paste is Kaffir Lime Leaf, some spices like Clove, Cinnemon Stick. I substitute coconut milk with my 2% fat fresh milk too, since no more coconut milk left.
If u r not a beef eater, try Chicken rendang, it is as tasty as well. For authentic recipe, check it out on here:

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