Monday, October 20, 2008

Classic Plain Cheese Cake Recipe as per request

Here i provide the recipe required to make this easy cheese cake...The recipe is neither from the web nor cook book, it is taught by a friend through word of mouth, but the result is fabulous! Most importantly, it only use 1 pkt of cream cheese, so it makes us less guilty when we eat it...*LOL*

These are the essential ingredient required: 2 large eggs, 1 pkt (8 oz) of Cream Cheese, 1 small pkt of Whipping Cream (230ml)

One ready Pie Crust (Graham), 6 oz size.
Sorry, i m such a lazy mom that i dun usually make my own pie crust..if u got to make one for your own, the ingredient is mainly crush soda biscut and butter.

The rest of the ingredients..
1) half cup of fine sugar
2) 2 and a half tbsp cake flour
very simple rite!! it doenst required any baking soda, baking powder, vanila essense...bla..bla..bla..such a long laundry list! ha! ha!

1) Softern cream cheese to room temperature by putting into microwave for High, 35 seconds.
2) Eggs, Whipping cream must be in room temperature. (this is as told in most of the cheese cake website, so i just follow loh)
3) Cream the cheese with an electric mixer until it is soft and contains no lumps. If no electric mixer is on hand, use a wooden spoon to cream the cheese. Add in sugar, continue to cream.
4) Add egg, one at a time. The mixer should be on a low speed to limit the amount of air incorporated into the mixture.
5) pour in the cake flour and continue to beat. Ensure no flour lumps are exist during this process.
6) pour in whipping cream, beat in low speed until the batter is fairly incorporated well. Do not over beat!
7) boil hot water, pour into a Baking Tray for about 2" height, then move the pie crust filled with batter into the baking tray. This is called 'water-bath' method for baking a uncrack, smooth surface cheese cake)
8) Transfer the whole baking tray into oven, bake at 375"F for 35 minutes (pls preheat your oven as usual)
9) Shut off the oven temp when reached 35min, do not open the oven door, let the cake sit inside the oven with oven door closed for 45 minutes. (This is to slow cook the cake)
10) Transfer out the cake from oven and let it cool on wire rack for 1 hour under room temperature.
11) Once the cake heat has dropped to room temp, chilled it in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving,preferably overnite.

This is how the cheese cake looks like when it is done:

Cut into triangle shape and ready to serve:

If u still do not understand why baking a cheese cake need such a tedious method called Water-Bath, then i might as well refer you to read and understand more about the rational behind ok! it was not advised by me, but by cheese cake expert! so Believe it or not? Up to u!

Pls spend some time to read thru this baking tips, trust me, it is worth the time spend to read it if u dun want to hv a crack/burn/lump cake. Share with me your outcome if u hv made the attempt to try it out ok.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Thank you for the recipe. I hardly bake any cheesecake because I hate the water bath process, 很麻烦!

GiGi said...

真的有那么难吗?我倒觉得很容易哦。只需要烧一壶滚水,倒进一个大的baking tray,然后把pie crust摆上去就行了也。。试试看吧,你小孩肯定爱不释手。

Anonymous said...

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