Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spending a day in in-laws house 回家探访公公,婆婆

Has been bck to Penang for almost a week. All of us are recovering well from jetlag attack. We able to make up a trip back to my inlaw place in a small town called Parit Buntar, it is located in the bordering of Penang and Perak State in Malaysia. The trip objective is mainly to visit my inlaws and pass them the present we bought from the US, secondly, off cause not forgeting to continuously tasting food along the trip before and after we arrived in Barit Buntar! Food always make people pleasant and excited, rite?

Stop by at a early morning market to take our breakfast in Nibong Tebal town. i didnt mean to snap pic for these intimate lovers of mine, but i intend to snap the bananas hang out behind! This is how bananas is showcase and sell in Malaysia typically. Alternatively, u can oso get bananas from the surpermarket.

this is the "must order" food everytime we drive back to visit our inlaws. It is called "Mee Jawa"(Jawa noodles), yellow noodles serve in sweet potato gravy stock, garnished with egg, ground peanut, lectuce, potato and prawn fritter. We usually sip the stock until the last drop!

For those who never see this tree b4 out of tropical countries and region, This is so-called Bananas tree! My inlaw planted 2 bananas tree at their backyard.

another "unknown" tree to resident apart from South East Asia region, this is call "Papaya Tree" Papaya is 木瓜in mandarin.

William holding the ripe papaya on hand.

William is helping grandpa to pluck the ripe papaya from it's tree.

my mom in law. Look at the "herritage" kind of cooking hob and work top she has! she usually cook in the open space at the backyard, in preventing stink and oilly smell spreading around inside the kicthen. Never look down her simple yet old fashion cooking hob and wok!! Regardless how bad her "kicthen" condition, she still cook good food consistantly for the past 50 years!

Benjamin potray himself with 6 ripe papaya pluck by grandpa and William.

Another old fashion rattan made sling arm-chair. My father in law all time favorite! Everytime we steps foot home, we like to swing ourshelves on this arm chair while enjoying the Astro (Malaysian paid TV network) TV program, or while waiting for food to be served by mom in law.

This is the outlook of my grand parents house. They hv step foot on this cosy home for almost 20 years now. William will always recognise his grandpa's house by memorising the yellow painted grill and gate. I always remind myself to pay more frequent visit to my inlaws, and grand-parent of my kids, when time permits, cause life is impermanent. Nobody knows what happen next.

hunting for good food again b4 we right back to Penang.

We dropped by a small restaurant in my inlaws hometown, serving typical and authentic local chinese delights. In this photo: we ordere steam Thai style hot and sour fish, braised Japanese tofu and fried kangkung (空心菜)with sambal belacan chili paste. Sambal belacan is a popular stir fry paste among all races in Malaysia, made from dry shrimp and fresh chilis.

I noticed William is the one who finished almost 2/3 of the fish dish!! Believe it or not? 他爱死了这一道酸辣蒸鱼. keep on asking for more rice to dip with the hot and spicy sauce. U will be surprised how much my kids can stand for hot and spicy food.
Granpa and grandma, till we see u again!


sock peng said...

Usually, i go to Parit Buntar eat Laksa :P

i miss 酸辣蒸鱼..... :(

Little Corner of Mine said...

So nice ya! I miss the papaya! The one here is small and expensive. :(

yuki said...

I'm looking forward to the next update.

Hooi Ling said...

Oh.. I miss those food. Mee Jawa is my favorite... I can't wait for my next trip home...

GiGi said...

sock peng: in fact i notice the hot and sout steam fish sauce is actually tom yam taste! u can use tom yam paste to steam your fish, add in lemon grass, sour plum, red chili, napa cabbage (this is how they served).

Ching Ching: yeah! too much papaya for us in Malaysia! until "jilak"!

Hooi Ling: When r u guys heading back? u can still cook Mee Jawa in US anyway! one of my fren cooked it, so nice!

renee said...

Finally you're back to Penang, welcome back and am can't wait to taste your cooking/baking :)