Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heather, Thanks for your Vietnamese Spring Roll (Gui Cuon)

She is just like my little sister....but our age is just different by one year.

me with my dear Vietnamese good friend, Heather..she is so sweet and lovely huh!

Rice Paper

Vietnamese Spring Roll (Gou Cuon)

I wanna say Thank You Very Much to Heather, my Vietnamese friend, who teach me how to prepare and wrap the spring roll and how to prepare the fish sauce dip. I promise i will make this and share with my Malaysian friends back in Malaysia.

About 10 rice paper wrappers

LettuceCucumber, cut into long slices

Fresh herbs: mint, cilantro, basil, vietnamese coriander, balm or perillaBean sprouts

Rice Vermmicili (米粉)


1. In bowl of warm water, dip each rice paper wrapper for about 3-5 seconds (depending on rice paper thickness). Do not over soak your rice paper wrapper! Place on work service and allow rice paper to soak up water and become gelatinous and pliable (about 30 seconds to 1 minute, again, depending on the thickness rice paper).

2. On top 1/3 side closest to you, lay lettuce on the bottom for added strength to the wrapper. Then place cooked shrimp, cooked rice vermmicili, herbs and other vegetables. Roll up spring roll about 1/3 way through, then fold in the sides.

3. Serve with hoisin peanut dip or fish sauce dip. Heavenly!


sock peng said...

thanks your recipe sharing!!

u look like very sad.....

Little Corner of Mine said...

We love Vietnamese spring roll, very refreshing.

Be optimistic, think of the bright side, you might be able to visit again next year, there's always the possibility right? :)