Thursday, November 20, 2008

Packing and Moving day 20.11.08

After a 9 months stay in Folsom, CA, at last our US stay journey comes to the end. Today, 20th Nov, is the packing date. The cargos containd all our necessity from kicthenware, books, computer, TV, electronic and electrical applicance, to kids toys, apparels, and some sports gadgets. On top of that, we are kind enough to render some cargo spare to move our fello friends and intel's colleague belonging too!
The truck contained all the 3 huge container worth of cargos, approx 1250kg.

Truck came all the way from Fremont, 3 hours drive, to upload our cargo back to their warehouse. The cargos will take a minimum of 2.5 weeks for shipment and clearance prior to deliver to our Penang home.

The mover company, S&M Moving Systems, works mainly for intel's accounts.
Dun ask me about the feeling when i m about to leave in 48 hours is absolutely mix feeling!!! Mix in the sense that, sad for the sake of leaving my international friend behind, William leave his dear friend and teacher at school. However, exciting for the sake of gonna see and meet our beloved families and good friends again in Penang.
Thanks for my husband employer, without them, me and my boys should not hv the "once in a life time" experience to explore a new wonderland in foreign country.
Thanks for all the kind friendship, helps and support during our stay here. Without them, we shouldnt be as comfortable and as cheerful as for the entire months here.
Last but not least...We look forward to see u again Iron Point, Somewhere, some times, some years ahead.


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Have a safe trip home and keep updating us in your blog ya.