Thursday, November 27, 2008

Malaysian Food (Part 1): Chinese Hong Kong style Dim Sum

Outlook of Maxim Dim Sum restaurant, Penang Island, Malaysia, approx. 15 minutes from my home.
Today i wanna introduce Chinese-Hong Kong style Dim Sum to my reader, a typical Malaysian snack/light meal that u should not missed! The Dim Sum is as similar as to those served in Dim Sum restaurant in Sacramento area although the taste and flavour maybe different due to local preference.

The wall portrated all the menu they served: including all sorts of dim sum varieties, wantan noodles, dumplings and chow mien in Chinese style.

William can't wait to grab the lovely dim sum and melted into his mouth! His top favorite is the prawn wrapped in beancurd sheet (deep fried), dip with mayo.

clock wise: chicken feet, prawn dumpling, deep-fried prawn in beancurd sheet, egg tart, sesame ball with lotus filling, spare rib and Siew Mai.

This is a traditional Malaysian Chinese dish: Glutinious Rice with Chicken and mushroom, which u wont get from Dim Sum Restaurant in the US. I used to make this dish at home back in US, i guess my Taiwanese friend, Shu Chun was the lucky one who tasted it before!

William biting the BBQ Pork (Char Siew) steam Bun (Bao). This dim sum served among the best Char Siew Bao in Penang, besides another dim sum restaurant named 点心之家located in Anson Road.
this is how the dim sum is served. They push around the cart where a gas stove is installed to continously steam the dim sum tray that are stacker up. The dim sum remains heat and ready to serve anytime.
For this round, the very 1st Dim Sum treat after back from the US, we spend RM32 (Approx $9) for almost 10-12 plates of dim sum verieties. We shall come back again, for sure!


sock peng said...

这间点心店是不是在taman Perkaka??


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Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. :)