Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Italian fine dining @ Olive Garden

for more infor about this restaurant, click here.


餐馆 外观

Tiramisu是甜品。这道Tiramisu是不烘的,直接放进冰箱定型。cream cheese很幼滑,好像在吃冰淇淋般爽口。

appertizer;我们点了Italiano,烤蘑菇,炸花枝和chicken finger.烤蘑菇有很浓的cheese味,还是头一遭尝试。

我点的Italian Chicken Alfredo Pizza,配料简单,但pizza皮胜在够酥脆!

老公点的spagetthi with meat sauce




Little Corner of Mine said...

Believe it or not, I never been to Olive Garden! How's the food there?

Kuen Hoong said...

My wife like the Cheese bread stick at Olive Garden a lot.. every time we went, we will end up eating a lot of the bread stick until no room for the main dishes. LOL.

Andrew said...

Siaw Hong

I hv been to this place in Colorado.
:) I loved their salads. :)


Anonymous said...

hehehe, opppssss...that is me....not andrew....


GiGi said...

oh ya, i like the cheese bread stick too!! it was fairly salty, and good munchy, but i was smart this time, i tapau the breadstick and patiently wait for my main course!