Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheated Rempah Udang (Pulut Udang)

The inti

base layer is pulut, top one layer of inti, and top another layer of pulut. put into oven to grill for 20 minutes to make out the "crunchy" and grilling effect.

Just too missed this Malay kuih very much lately. The pulut and the aromatic grated coconut "inti", it is just too tempting! Authentic Malaysian taste huh.

Just lazy to get the frozen banana leaf from the Korean groceries store nearby! I started to make my own cheated rempah udang right away today with all the ingredient ready except banana leaf.

My pulut is something like a Nasi Kunyit version, add in tumeric powder into pulut soaking water right before tranfer it to steamer.

The inti is a combination consist of grated coconut, shallot, garlic, coriander seed powder and red chili which brings to a very authentic aroma of Malay cuisine. For details of recipe, get it from:

The taste is fabulous, at least to me and my kids...haha. They just love it as they can take spicy food.

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lilyng said...


this is no cheat. there is a recipe that is like this.